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Welcome to the Wellness Living Store

The Wellness Living Store is a valuable resource for a wide variety of healthy, life-enhancing products. We offer a collection of beautiful natural cosmetics; traditional Chinese herbal supplements; TCM, health and spiritual books; acupuncture books and supplies; tai chi and chi gong books and DVDs; meditation and music CDs. Both avid learners, and professionals alike, will enjoy our university-level TCM and western medicine distance learning courses, including some for CEU credit.

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Many Products to Choose From
Qi Gong for Weight LossQi Gong for Weight Loss
Join Dr. Mao in a chi gong workout for weight loss that is designed to bring your body & mind into a state of health and harmony. Appropriate for both couch potatoes and the physically fit! Dr. Mao helps you develop strength and balance and shows you how to transform stress into healthy energy and assists you in learning to crave healthy, nourishing foods.
Pearl Essence Radiant Day CreamPearl Essence Radiant Day Cream
Proprietary Chinese herbals plus luminescent pearl powder, zinc oxide, grape stem cells and photosomes provide natural daytime defense, deliver nourishing hydration in a sumptuous, shine-free formula
Ancient Treasures Tea - Calming, Cleansing and BalancingAncient Treasures Tea - Calming, Cleansing and Balancing
A fragrant blend of all the herbs in Internal Cleanse, Emotional Tranquility and Creative Balance teas. Ancient Treasures Tea is the perfect all-around formula to tonify the Chi, nourish the Jing and calm the Shen.
Don't Weight!Don't Weight!
Leap into action on this year with B-Slim to help with satiety, High Performance for a healthy burst of energy and Internal Cleanse tea to help with detoxing. This set includes the following: (1) bottle B-Slim capsules, (1) bottle High Performance tablets and a FREE Internal Cleanse tea
Dragon Male Formula - Performance EnhancementDragon Male Formula
Performance Enhancement - A traditional Chinese medicine herbal formula that helps boost the Yang energy, stimulate masculine Chi, nourish the fire, boost endurance and bring all the components of male sexuality into enjoyable and satisfying natural harmony and in so doing, encourage natural function.
Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth - I ChingBook of Changes and the Unchanging Truth - I Ching
The I Ching system was created by the ancients from their careful observations of nature. Observing the sixty-four hexagrams found in the I Ching, it can be used as a predictive tool to enhance our lives and reconcile our spiritual and physical selves.
Eight Treasures Qi Gong Level 1Eight Treasures Qi Gong Level 1
with Dr. Mao Shing Ni, Gentle, non-impact exercises unique to the Ni family to facilitate energy flow and strengthen vitality. Eight Treasures combines stretching, toning and strengthening movements for a healthier life.
Perpetual Shield - Immune Enhancing FormulaPerpetual Shield - Immune Enhancing Formula
Perpetual Shield supports the Metal Element ~ Nourishes the Immune System, Lungs and Large Intestines. A strong Metal Element supports the lungs and large intestine to promote strong immune function and recovery from disease.
The Complete Works of Lao TzuThe Complete Works of Lao Tzu
The Peter Lamas Brightening Emblica Eye Cream features a combination of exotic ingredients to restore firmness and reduce darkness under eyes. Natural eye brightener Emblica Extract lightens under-eye shadows and encourages skin's collagen production to firm and protect the delicate eye area. The power of Pentapeptide-3 minimizes lines and wrinkles while Hyaluronic Acid provides intensive moisture.
Meditation for Emotional Detoxification CDMeditation for Emotional Detoxification CD
Guided by Jason Moskovitz, many people recognize that mental and emotional stress can create tense muscles, headaches, or worsen many other physical symptoms. What may be less widely understood are the ways in which we are able to use our minds to think and feel our way out of these very same problems we’ve helped to create. The simple instructions contained in this recording will help you heal yourself, mind and body.
The Tao of NutritionThe Tao of Nutrition
Learn how to take control of health with good eating. Over 100 common foods, along with their energetic properties and therapeutic functions are discussed. Food therapies for many ailments are presented and useful recipes incorporating these foods are included.
Colored Dust Music CDColored Dust Music CD
Enjoy the spiritual song stylings of Gaille Heidermann in Colored Dust, an album inspired by the poetry of Master Hua-Ching Ni. Several songs, including “Energy Rays,” “Water,” and the title track, “Colored Dust,” are written by Master Ni, and put to a moving soundtrack by Gaille.

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