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Welcome to the Wellness Living Store

The Wellness Living Store is a valuable resource for a wide variety of healthy, life-enhancing products. We offer a collection of beautiful natural cosmetics; traditional Chinese herbal supplements; TCM, health and spiritual books; acupuncture books and supplies; tai chi and chi gong books and DVDs; meditation and music CDs. Both avid learners, and professionals alike, will enjoy our university-level TCM and western medicine distance learning courses, including some for CEU credit.

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Many Products to Choose From
Qi Gong for FertilityQi Gong for Fertility
Qi gong practices to enhance your fertility and restore your inner body/mind/spirit balance. This powerful tool to revitalize fertility is suitable for both men and women, and is based on ancient Taoist tradition.
The herbs in B-Slim were carefully selected by Dr. Mao according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. These herbs are said to help control appetite and craving, eliminate bloating, improve digestion, increase fat metabolism, regulate blood sugar, gently relieve constipation and balance the body.
Secrets of Longevity Cookbook Secrets of Longevity Cookbook
Over 80 delicious recipes which have “secret healing powers” selected from centenarians around the world. With a focus on using fresh foods that have specific health benefits and longevity properties, Dr. Mao highlights ingredients specific to each dish and provides an overview discussing the food’s particular health benefits.
Meditation for Stress Release - CD Meditation for Stress Release - CD
Narrated by Maoshing Ni, a respected Doctor of Oriental Medicine, author and lecturer. For many years Dr. Ni has taught natural spiritual and life sciences that he learned from his father, Hua-Ching Ni. These practices are a privileged inheritance from ancient China.
Ageless: The Natural Guide to Menopause and Living Your 'Second Spring'Ageless: The Natural Guide to Menopause and Living Your 'Second Spring'
Dr Mao's Ageless helps women achieve a healthy menopause and 'second spring' with traditional secrets of Chinese Medicine. Learn chinese chi gong exercises to support hormonal balance, sexual vitality, wellness and more.
Qi Gong for Back Pain DVDQi Gong for Back Pain DVD
Join Dr. Mao as he shares soothing and strengthening qi gong exercises for easing back pain and stiffness. You will learn specific movements for building core strength, stretching and opening the back, and improving blood flow to help diminish pain and soreness.
The Theory and Practice of Traditional Chinese Nutrition - Course 1Distance Learning: The Theory and Practice of Traditional Chinese Nutrition - Course 1
Apply the Classic Concepts and Power of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Selection of Daily Foods. A Certified 15-hour Distance Learning and Continuing Education Course of Yo San University
Calm/Sleep - For Calm & RelaxationCalm/Sleep - For Calm & Relaxation
The Chinese herbs chosen for Calm/Sleep Formula are believed to not only help us experience more inner peace but also fortify the body’s energy and increase its ability to cope with stress.
The Complete Works of Lao TzuThe Complete Works of Lao Tzu
The Tao Teh Ching is one of the most frequently translated and most cherished works in the world. The Complete Works of Lao Tzu by Master Ni is a remarkable elucidation of the famed Tao Teh Ching. It is the only known written record of Lao Tzu's orally transmitted teaching, the Hua Hu Ching.

Chinese Herbs Stimulating ShampooPeter Lamas Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo
Botanically rich Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo is a therapeutic special-care formula empowered with Chinese herbs used for centuries to stimulate and energize weak hair and scalp. Gently removes hair follicle-blocking sebum and debris that can slow growth and even cause premature hair loss.

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