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Welcome to the Wellness Living Store

The Wellness Living Store is a valuable resource for a wide variety of healthy, life-enhancing products. We offer a collection of beautiful natural cosmetics; traditional Chinese herbal supplements; TCM, health and spiritual books; acupuncture books and supplies; tai chi and chi gong books and DVDs; meditation and music CDs. Both avid learners, and professionals alike, will enjoy our university-level TCM and western medicine distance learning courses, including some for CEU credit.

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Many Products to Choose From
Summer Cooling Tea - RefreshingSummer Cooling Tea - Refreshing
Drink in the summertime or in the late morning to cool and refresh yourself. Useful for replenishing energy and fluid drained by summer heat. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this combination of herbs can be used to support the Fire Element, and tonify the Heart and Small Intestine.
Qi Gong for Back Pain DVDQi Gong for Back Pain DVD
Join Dr. Mao as he shares a soothing and strengthening routine of qi gong exercises for easing back pain and stiffness. You will learn specific movements for building core strength, stretching and opening the back, and improving blood flow to help diminish pain and soreness.
Qi Gong for Weight LossQi Gong for Weight Loss
Join Dr. Mao in a chi gong workout for weight loss that is designed to bring your body & mind into a state of health and harmony. Appropriate for both couch potatoes and the physically fit! Dr. Mao helps you develop strength and balance and shows you how to transform stress into healthy energy and assists you in learning to crave healthy, nourishing foods.
Don't Weight!Don't Weight!
Leap into action on this year with B-Slim to help with satiety, High Performance for a healthy burst of energy and Internal Cleanse tea to help with detoxing. This set includes the following: (1) bottle B-Slim capsules, (1) bottle High Performance tablets and a FREE Internal Cleanse tea
Enrich Your Life with VirtueEnrich Your Life with Virtue
'Teh', the Chinese term for virtue, means literally 'You gain.' Teh is our very being. In Virtue, Master Ni offers a broad study of human nature and draws upon a centuries-old tradition of natural life that transcends cultural and religious differences. By embracing a life of natural virtue, we can reconnect with our spiritual essence and nurture it.
Tonic Oil - Stimulates Chi & Blood FlowTonic Oil - Stimulates Chi & Blood Flow
A general-purpose Chi activator containing camphor, eucalyptus and wintergreen in a pure sesame oil base. Used in traditional Chinese medicine to warm, stimulate and activate the flow of Chi and blood. Massage gently to provide relief from minor aches and pains.
Blood BoosterBlood Booster
Nourishes the Blood and tonifies the Chi life-force energy. This herbal formula is useful for fatigue, debilitation after surgery, radiation, or prolonged illness. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this classic herbal combination is formulated to ‘nourish the Blood and strengthen Chi, the life force energy.’
Eight Treasures Qi Gong Level 3Eight Treasures Qi Gong Level 3
Gentle, non-impact exercises unique to the Ni family to facilitate energy flow and strengthen vitality. Eight Treasures combines stretching, toning and strengthening movements for a healthier life.
Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp SerumChinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum
Apple Stem Cells and Swertia Extract helps Regenerate Thicker, Fuller Hair. Botanically-rich Chinese Herbs Regernating Systems is a therapeutic formula empowered with rare Chinese herbs used for centuries to stimulate and energize weak hair and scalp.
Meditation for Pain ManagementMeditation for Pain Management
Learn mind-body techniques used by martial artists and Taoist monks in intense training techniques that enabled them to endure and transcend excruciating pain.
The Tao of NutritionThe Tao of Nutrition
Learn how to take control of health with good eating. Over 100 common foods, along with their energetic properties and therapeutic functions are discussed. Food therapies for many ailments are presented and useful recipes incorporating these foods are included.
High Performance FormulaHigh Performance Formula
High Performance is a traditional 'Chi' formula for optimal operation of the human body. Rather than encouraging a 'wired' or nervous energy, High Performance builds our reserve of Chi, thus providing energy that is substantial, focused and sustained.

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