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Welcome to Ask Dr. Mao s Selected Products

As with any profession, having the proper tools and a ready supply of Dr. Mao's products can make life easier - and more healthy - for both the practitioner and patient. We are proud to offer you the highest quality merchandise available on the market today at affordable prices. Visit us to to take advantage of sales and special offers.

Take a look at the special offers and come back to check for more offers. We want to offer you all the things you need to accomplish your goals of healing and helping others. If you have any suggestions for products or information we can offer you please visit us here and we will do the best we can at meeting your needs. You can also call us at 1-800-772-0222.

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Five Elements - The Chinese Longevity FormulaFive Elements Formula
A whole body tune-up, combining all the herbs from the Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood Elements. A balanced and natural whole food combination of 44 traditional Chinese herbs to support healthy function of the five bodily systems. Promotes physical vitality, high tolerance for stress, strong immunity, healthy appetite and digestion, proper fluid metabolism and balanced hormonal function.
  Tai Chi Fan: Level 1Tai Chi Fan: Level 1
An elegant and graceful style, Tai Chi Fan stems from the scholar/warrior tradition of ancient China. This level 1 DVD is suitable for both beginners and advanced students.
Energy Enhancement Exercises, The Eight TreasuresEnergy Enhancement Exercises, The Eight Treasures
The Eight Treasures is a unique style of exercises which has been preserved through a long line of Taoist physicians in the Ni family. In this book, Dr. Mao presents the Eight Treasures combining toning and strengthening movements, stretching and specific breathing techniques.
Meditation for Pain ManagementMeditation for Pain Management
Learn mind-body techniques used by martial artists and Taoist monks in intense training techniques that enabled them to endure and transcend excruciating pain.
As with any profession, having the proper tools
and a ready supply of Dr. Mao s Products
Self-Healing Qi Gong DVDSelf-Healing Qi Gong DVD
Effective and stress-relieving Chi Gong mind/body exercises to strengthen and balance each of our five major organ systems with demonstrations and lectures. It is a gentle movement practice that soothes the spirit, releases powerful healing energy, tones the body and enhances balance.
Tonic Oil - Stimulates Chi & Blood FlowTonic Oil - Stimulates Chi & Blood Flow
A general-purpose Chi activator containing camphor, eucalyptus and wintergreen in a pure sesame oil base. Used in traditional Chinese medicine to warm, stimulate and activate the flow of Chi and blood. Massage gently to provide relief from minor aches and pains.
Ancient Treasures Tea - Calming, Cleansing and BalancingAncient Treasures Tea - Calming, Cleansing and Balancing
A fragrant blend of all the herbs in Internal Cleanse, Emotional Tranquility and Creative Balance teas. Ancient Treasures Tea is the perfect all-around formula to tonify the Chi, nourish the Jing and calm the Shen.
Allergy Tamer FormulaAllergy Tamer Formula
Get relief from seasonal allergies! This herbal formula is helps relieve allergy symptoms of nasal congestion, sneezing, watery and itching eyes. It gently unblocks nasal and sinus congestion.
Eight Treasures Qi Gong Level 1Eight Treasures Qi Gong Level 1
with Dr. Mao Shing Ni, Gentle, non-impact exercises unique to the Ni family to facilitate energy flow and strengthen vitality. Eight Treasures combines stretching, toning and strengthening movements for a healthier life.
Distance Learning: The Power of Natural HealingDistance Learning: The Power of Natural Healing
Distance Learning course covering natural healing and the Tao. Includes natural healing through acupuncture, herbs and meditation, the five cultivations, breathing, nutrition and wellness, purification of negtive energy, and Taoist spiritual practices.
Calm/Sleep - The Calming FormulaCalm/Sleep - The Calming Formula
The Chinese herbs chosen for Calm/Sleep Formula are believed to not only help us experience more inner peace but also fortify the body’s energy and increase its ability to cope with stress. This traditional Chinese medicine formula is believed to calm the spirit, relieve restlessness, pacify angst, alleviate insomnia, fortify the Spleen and energize the Heart.
Meditations for FertilityMeditations for Fertility
Join Drs. Dao and Kumiko as they guide you in creating a sacred inner space to nourish your inner fertile essence. This powerful tool to revitalize your fertility is based on their many years of clinical experience as well as ancient Taoist tradition.

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