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Welcome to Ask Dr. Mao s Selected Products

As with any profession, having the proper tools and a ready supply of Dr. Mao's products can make life easier - and more healthy - for both the practitioner and patient. We are proud to offer you the highest quality merchandise available on the market today at affordable prices. Visit us to to take advantage of sales and special offers.

Take a look at the special offers and come back to check for more offers. We want to offer you all the things you need to accomplish your goals of healing and helping others. If you have any suggestions for products or information we can offer you please visit us here and we will do the best we can at meeting your needs. You can also call us at 1-800-772-0222.

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Winter Tea - The Warming and Energy-Storing FormulaWinter Tea - The Warming and Energy-Storing Formula
Drink in the winter or in the evening as a warming tea. Expels cold while warming and tonifying the kidneys. Useful for ‘chills’, fatigue, soreness or weakness of the lower back, incontinence, weakened sexual and urinary function. In TCM, a combination of these herbs can be used to support the Water Element and Kidney/Bladder function.
  Tai Chi Sword Form: Level 1Tai Chi Sword Form: Level 1
By Maoshing Ni, Ph.D. Level 1 of Tai Chi Sword form to help sweep away emotional obstacles and enhance protective energy. Excellent for developing spiritual focus.
Anxiety/SleeplessAnxiety/Sleepless Formula
This herbal formula nourishes and relaxes the Shen, or spirit, and helps diminish insomnia, anxiety, and mental exhaustion. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this classic herbal combination is formulated to ‘nourish the Blood and cool Liver and Heart Heat.’
Secrets of Longevity: Dr Mao’s 8-Week ProgramSecrets of Longevity: Dr Mao’s 8-Week Program
Dr Mao's Ageless helps women achieve a healthy menopause and 'second spring' with traditional secrets of Chinese Medicine. Learn chinese chi gong exercises to support hormonal balance, sexual vitality, wellness and more.
As with any profession, having the proper tools
and a ready supply of Dr. Mao s Products
The Tao of NutritionThe Tao of Nutrition
Learn how to take control of health with good eating. Over 100 common foods, along with their energetic properties and therapeutic functions are discussed. Food therapies for many ailments are presented and useful recipes
B-Slim - Simple, Safe Weight ControlB-Slim - Simple, Safe Weight Control
Obesity is a major problem in the western world, but is rare throughout Asia. Yet, according to Dr. Mao, Asian people actually eat more calories than their western counterparts the secret is that the calories in the Asian diet come from very different foods than the western diet.
Five Elements - The Chinese Longevity FormulaFive Elements Formula
A whole body tune-up, combining all the herbs from the Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood Elements. A balanced and natural whole food combination of 44 traditional Chinese herbs to support healthy function of the five bodily systems. Promotes physical vitality, high tolerance for stress, strong immunity, healthy appetite and digestion, proper fluid metabolism and balanced hormonal function.
The Five Healths for a New HumanityThe Five Healths for a New Humanity
Hua-Ching Ni and Mao Shing Ni refresh the dream of the Yellow Emperor of Ancient China in a unique way.If we desire peace, this book is fundamental. It can help us attain the complete health that brings peace to our individual lives, our families and our society which can then expand to the world.
Taoist Eight Treasures DVDTaoist Eight Treasures DVD
Thirty-two gentle, non-impact exercises unique to the Ni family facilitate energy flow and strengthen vitality. Combining stretching, toning and strengthening movements, the exercises are named for various aspects of nature such as "Great Birds Spreads its Wings."
Wellness Living Metabolism BoostWellness Living Metabolism Boost
Metabolism Boost increases your metabolic rate which helps your body burn excess fat. It assists in regulating the body's production of energy, increases oxygen consumption, promotes growth and development, stimulates all aspects of lipid metabolism, and may lower serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
Tea Travel Music CDTea Travel Music CD
Easy listening and relaxing, Chinese Tea Travel Music is the result of combining the Flute, Panhu, Kucheng, Lute, Sheng, Alto Juan, and Alto Sona with traditional themes and nature sounds is elegant and refreshing - just like a cup of tea.
Dr. Mao s Hot Herbal Cereal Dr. Mao s Hot Herbal Cereal
Featured in The Tao of Fertility, Dr. Mao s Beautiful Hot Herbal Cereal is now made with naturally gluten-free ingredients. A nourishing & satisfying hot cereal of herbs, grains and seeds for sustained life-force energy.

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