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Welcome to Ask Dr. Mao s Selected Products

As with any profession, having the proper tools and a ready supply of Dr. Mao's products can make life easier - and more healthy - for both the practitioner and patient. We are proud to offer you the highest quality merchandise available on the market today at affordable prices. Visit us to to take advantage of sales and special offers.

Take a look at the special offers and come back to check for more offers. We want to offer you all the things you need to accomplish your goals of healing and helping others. If you have any suggestions for products or information we can offer you please visit us here and we will do the best we can at meeting your needs. You can also call us at 1-800-772-0222.

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Qi Gong for Weight LossQi Gong for Weight Loss
Join Dr. Mao in a chi gong workout for weight loss that is designed to bring your body & mind into a state of health and harmony. Appropriate for both couch potatoes and the physically fit! Dr. Mao helps you develop strength and balance and shows you how to transform stress into healthy energy and assists you in learning to crave healthy, nourishing foods.
  High Performance PowderHigh Performance Powder
High Performance is a traditional 'Chi' formula for optimal operation of the human body. Rather than encouraging a 'wired' or nervous energy, High Performance builds our reserve of Chi, thus providing energy that is substantial, focused and sustained.
Creative Balance Tea - The Jing FormulaCreative Balance Tea - The Jing Formula
Creative Balance - The Jing Formula, is an herbal tea blend formulated by Taoist Masters to invigorate blood circulation and nourish the Yin. This combination is particularly useful to ease the imbalance of the female cycle, but may be taken by men as well.
Ageless: The Natural Guide to Menopause and Living Your 'Second Spring'Ageless: The Natural Guide to Menopause and Living Your 'Second Spring'
Dr Mao's Ageless helps women achieve a healthy menopause and 'second spring' with traditional secrets of Chinese Medicine. Learn chinese chi gong exercises to support hormonal balance, sexual vitality, wellness and more.
As with any profession, having the proper tools
and a ready supply of Dr. Mao s Products
Meditation for Stress Release - CDMeditation for Stress Release - CD
Achieve a state of relaxed body, tranquilized mind and restored spirit within ten minutes of simple breath/mind exercises. Narrated by Maoshing Ni.
Tonic Oil - Stimulates Chi & Blood FlowTonic Oil - Stimulates Chi & Blood Flow
A general-purpose Chi activator containing camphor, eucalyptus and wintergreen in a pure sesame oil base. Used in traditional Chinese medicine to warm, stimulate and activate the flow of Chi and blood. Massage gently to provide relief from minor aches and pains.
Five Elements - The Chinese Longevity FormulaFive Elements Formula
A whole body tune-up, combining all the herbs from the Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood Elements. A balanced and natural whole food combination of 44 traditional Chinese herbs to support healthy function of the five bodily systems. Promotes physical vitality, high tolerance for stress, strong immunity, healthy appetite and digestion, proper fluid metabolism and balanced hormonal function.
Qi Meditations: Guided Visualizations for Self-Healing (Audio CD)Qi Meditations: Guided Visualizations for Self-Healing (Audio CD)
On Qi Meditations, traditional Chinese medical doctor Mao Shing Ni shares time-tested techniques to help you achieve greater control over your own health and healing. Such techniques include Inner Visioning, Healing Meditations and Balancing Qi Meditations.
Eight Treasures Qi Gong Level 1Eight Treasures Qi Gong Level 1
with Dr. Mao Shing Ni, Gentle, non-impact exercises unique to the Ni family to facilitate energy flow and strengthen vitality. Eight Treasures combines stretching, toning and strengthening movements for a healthier life.
Wellness Living Metabolism BoostWellness Living Metabolism Boost
If you are one of the millions of arthritis sufferers who have exhausted the typical treatments and are interested in healing your arthritis naturally, you may benefit from the solutions offered by this book, which are supported by a 5,000 year-old evidence-based medical system.
Natural Immunity - Olive Leaf/Mushroom ComplexNatural Immunity - Olive Leaf/Mushroom Complex
Give your immune response a boost with the natural power of olive leaves and mushrooms. Natural Immunity contains olive leaf powder and powdered extracts of Shiitake, Maitaki, and Reishi mushrooms to help increase your body's immunity.
Pearl Essence Radiant Day CreamPearl Essence Radiant Day Cream
Proprietary Chinese herbals plus luminescent pearl powder, zinc oxide, grape stem cells and photosomes provide natural daytime defense, deliver nourishing hydration in a sumptuous, shine-free formula

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