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SPRING AWAKENING TEA - Blend of Chinese Herbs for Sustained Energy
SPRING AWAKENING TEA - Blend of Chinese Herbs for Sustained Energy Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $6.95
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
Drink in the springtime or early morning to revive yourself. Useful for fatigue, indigestion, early morning grogginess, and poor concentration. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs in this category can be used to support the Wood Element and tonify the Liver and Gall Bladder.

Usage: Drink three times daily. Steep for five minutes in boiled water. For a stronger effect, boil for five minutes.

Ingredients: Cocklebur fruit, Black rhizome, Chinese Quince fruit, Tangerine fruit peel, Sweetflag rhizome, China root, Costus root, White rhizome, Glehnia root, Chinese Yam root, Siberian Ginseng root, Oyster shell powder, Sweetleaf leaf, Licorice root, Clove flower bud.

Caffeine Free

Can be combined with other teas from Tao of Wellness.

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