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Wellness Living

Patients at the Tao of Wellness have asked the doctors to recommend a brand of nutritional supplements.

Dr. Mao has researched and carefully selected a 30-year old, family-owned, highly-qualified manufacturer whose formulations
combine vitamins, minerals, foods and herbs...a balancing concept that is very similar to the tenets of classic Chinese medicine.

Organ SupportOrgan Support

Wellness Living"s Organ Support line addresses your body's needs from supporting the adrenal glands to detoxifying yor body from heavy metals.

Organ FunctionOrgan Function

Help your body against premature aging and heart disease while supporting your body's natural defenses with probiotics with Wellness Living's Organ Function line.

Health ProtectionHealth Protection

Wellness Living's Health Protection supplements will help bolster your body's immunity and help fight off invading viruses and unfriendly bacteria.


Each allergy formula blends specific antigens, targeting offending allergens. Wellness Living's Allergy line combats specifc allergies from animals to tomatoes.


Wellness Living"s Vitamins line offers a range of vitamins to suit yor body's specific needs.

Skin & MetabolismSkin & Metabolism

Wellness Living's Skin & Metabolism line helps boost the body's natural ability to burn fat more effectively; help your skin and joint's natural ability repair itself with collagen.

Condition SpecificCondition Specific

Wellness Living's Condition Specific supplements targets specific needs of the body from bone health, stomache discomfort to fighting high cholesterol.

Relaxation & SleepRelaxation & Sleep

When needing help to fall asleep or to relax from a hectic day, reach for one of Wellness Living's Relaxation & Sleep supplements to help you naturally achieve much needed calm.

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