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TOT Chinese Herbs
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Highest quality at the best price is proud to present highest-quality concentrated Chinese herbal formulas at an exceptionally competitive price, exclusively for licensed healthcare professionals.

A unique journey

Our products begin their journey in the care of Chinese farmers and herb growers whose soils are tested to be free from contaminants. The freshly harvested herbs are sent to state-of-the art, internationally certified GMP facilities. As they journey through the extraction process, our formulas are tested for purity and quality along each step of the way.


All products are legally imported under the supervision of US Customs, the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture.

FDA and testing

Once they arrive in the United States, the formulas are tested yet again in FDA-certified laboratories to ensure that the formulae meet strict California Proposition 65 requirements. The formulae are never sulfured, and must meet or exceed stringent standards for heavy metals, pesticides and bacteria.

History and trust has been providing and promoting authoritative information on acupuncture and oriental medicine since 1995. The 38-generation Ni family of Chinese medicine healers is proud to offer their classic formulae to others in the healthcare field.

Quality and price

Healthcare professionals want to know that the products they recommend to their patients are of the highest quality, and they want their herbs to be available at the best price in the industry. We believe that we have achieved that goal.

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